Property Management

If you have a country house and you are in another city or abroad, we can take care of it with our experience and provide you with our services throughout the whole year, winter - summer. All you have to do is give us your key in your absence, and we will have monthly visit to ensure that your home is working properly.

Our packages includes regular supervision at home, we inform you of the situation and undertake for you all the preparation and cleaning before arrival. Also fully undertake the collection of mail. During your presence we can provide also indoor and outdoor cleaning services with the desired frequency, so you you can enjoy a carefree stay.

Basic package - Cost 30€ monthly (excluding VAT 24%)

  1. Keyholding service
  2. Urgent call to the owner for immediate notification in case of damage
  3. Cover damage or loss up to the amount of 250 euros

Advance package Cost 80€ monthly (excluding VAT 24%)

  1. Keyholding service
  2. Monthly visit to your property for visual inspection and reporting of obvious problems.
  3. Monthly report via email about the status of your property.
  4. Mail collection and settlement of electricity, telephone, DEYAN.
  5. Book - Property log for a detailed record of the situation and the tasks that may be needed
  6. One (1) technical inspection per year by electrician and plumber
  7. Urgent call to the owner for immediate notification in case of damage 24-hour contact line with owners for problem reporting or information 
  8. Airing of the property each month
  9. Cover damage or loss up to the amount of 500 euros

Nove nekretnine

Apartman / ИЗДАЈЕ СЕ

Asini Tolo

Cijena: € 200/месечно

40 m² 1 Spavace sobe 1

Nafplio Paliochora

Cijena: € 2.000/месечно

160 m² 0 Spavace sobe 2
Apartman / ИЗДАЈЕ СЕ

Asini Vivari

Cijena: € 350/месечно

40 m² 1 Spavace sobe 1
Apartman / ИЗДАЈЕ СЕ

Nafplio Center

Cijena: € 500/месечно

90 m² 2 Spavace sobe 1

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